Google Engage, Small Business Portal to Online Advertising

Accessing the Google Engage dashboard, or "portal to the world of online advertising", definitely gives one the feeling of being back stage. Or, as Google stated in their Intro, "Online (is) Not Just Another Media--(but) a Whole Parallel Universe"

You knew someone was handling all that backstage stuff--but you may be surprised that it's not just Google employees-- outside small businesses can now handle Google AdWord campaigns via Engage.
According to Google, their Engage program has thousands of members, including entrepreneurs, agents, and marketers who work with small businesses. These entrepreneurs, agents, and marketers are small business owners themselves, who, via their membership in the Google Engage program have the option to offer their clients Google AdWords campaign development and management.
It's true that anyone can go to Google Adwords, create an account and set up an ad. But with a membership in the Engage program entrepreneurs and small business service providers can do all those things for multiple client (for a fee) with access to the free advanced online tools Google provides.
If you think this may be something worth offering your clients, complete an application for the Google Engage program, then wait to received the mandatory phone call from a Google 800 number. It won't be a verification call. Expect to be interviewed about your small business. Afterward, you will be given access to the Google AdWords on-demand training course, consisting of informative YouTube videos. (Though simple and basic, Google mixes labels and terms in these fast paced sessions that can make it a bit hard to follow in places).
There are 4 lessons to complete to become a member of Google Engage, each ending with a code. Jot down all 4 codes and enter the the codes into a form to become a member of Engage.
Here is a quick content summary for the 4 lessons:
Lesson # 1: The Introduction, with a runtime of 24:02 minutes.
The first tutorial (aka course) introduces the online world and explains where Google fits into it. They discuss important trends. According to Google the economic downturn is fueling online growth. Or, "staying in is the new going out." Staying in saves on travel and other expenses. In other words, there is a massive captive audience out there eager to go online to make Google searches and see your ads. There was nothing surprising in other facts presented, such as, "online ads have cannibalized traditional newspaper ads" and, "TV is the biggest driver of online searches." Great reasons to commit your ad dollars to online ad campaigns with Google AdWords. Google calls itself, "one of the top 3 global Internet Platforms" (along with YouTube as the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google, with 2 billion videos viewed per day globally, and Facebook also mentioned as number two, in an apples and oranges comparison--and this is where it can get confusing at time in a blur of so much information to process).

Google does state quite clearly that the "Google Display (Ad) Network is the largest in the world, exposing each internet user to an average of 30 ads per day."
Google allows ads within Google Maps (aka Places), YouTube, Gmail, and Google Checkout. If you own a brick and mortar business in any city or town, aka a local business, it makes sense to advertise on Google Maps so that your ad appears in online searches only within a reasonable radius of your business.
There is The Science of Search that includes Search Framework, Psychographics, and Targeting options, including placement targeting from hand selected websites to advertise on, and category advertising--a list of sites within a category to select from.
Keywords figure into many aspects of creating any pay-per-click ad campaign. In fact, Google used the phrase "keyword advertising campaigns." With keywords, you also have options to choose when and where your ad appears on the page when someone does a search, and how much you pay per click, as well as other options. The more targeted your list of keywords raises your ad on the page and lowers your costs. Google AdWords offers 6 ad sizes and shapes or formats--banners, and a variety of boxes-- text ads, image ads, video ads, and rich media ads that encourage interaction with the user.
Lesson one contained lots more about how "Search Drives Results," Google Network Structure, SEO and Google page ranking, and looked at Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube, Google Places, and Mobile advertising solutions.
With mobile phone ads, "Smart Phones are taking over the market with highest number of users", according to Google. Google has a new mobile phone Click to Call feature in a beta trial ad campaign. Apparently, a user sees an ad which contains a button and with one click the user can connect with the company in the ad.
Lesson # 2: Generating business with Google AdWords had a runtime of 18:09 minutes.
Topics covered in Lesson #2--Fact Finding, How to Prepare a Pitch, Pitching clients. How much to bid on a Pay Per Click ad, Value Per Click, Cost Per Click, Incremental Cost Per Clicks, Ad Auctions, Conversion rates, ROI (return on investment), Marketing Mix, Determining client competitors, what is a client's unique selling point, primary target market, prospects in new international markets, Target Demographics, Psychographics (expanding on previous discussions), Media Habits--what do clients read, watch on TV etc, Branding and Awareness, Acquisition of New Customers, Smarter Market Strategy, Uncovering untapped markets, understanding best selling products, and which media is best suited to your client's needs.
Lesson #3: Optimizing Adword accounts, with a Runtime 17:11 minutes.
Google recommends organizing your ad campaigns by topic--returning to keywords, but more in-depth. How to Optimize keywords--use different keyword match types to meet your needs: such as avoiding duplicate keywords across ad groups (for tracking the effectiveness of each ad and keyword), broad and expanded match keywords, high traffic keywords, negative keywords, phrase match, and [exact match] using brackets. The brackets tell Google to bring up your add for the search whenever the exact words in the brackets appear in the search. Google states that what makes a good keywords list are keywords that are directly related to each other.
Google provides 4 Tools for Optimizing Keywords (do a search on each for the link).
Google Keyword Tool
Keyword Analysis Field
Traffic Estimator
Search Terms Report
In this lesson they teach methods for getting the most out of your text ads, Bidding Strategy--how much will you pay per click and how to calculate the best amount to pay. Optimizing Ad Text, including calls to action, targeting the right languages and locations, and creating highly specific ad groups. Then there is performance, tracking, budgeting and strategic budgeting.
Google states that for effectiveness, an AdWords ad account structure should mirror the structure of the website being advertised.
Also, some ad campaigns are not intended to generate sales, but are dedicated specifically to promoting and branding, to create online awareness of a company.
Lessons #4: Multiple Accounts Managements, Runtime 15:45 minutes.
An AdWords tool called My Client Center is a single user online interface for managing a few or hundreds of AdWords Accounts, dashboard style, for individuals or agents who manage client AdWord campaigns for a fee.
My Client Center is a behind the scenes management center for all the ads online placed via Google.
AdWords Editor is a free application that enables offline viewing or editing and managing multiple accounts (one at a time). You can share (with clients) and receive feedback within the AdWords Editor, where you can experiment with ad changes before they go live.
At the end of lesson #4 find the 4th code and enter all four into the form to become an Engage member and access that "portal to the world of online advertising."
There you can access--Further Education, Selling AdWords, Coupons, How to Get Certified, Edit your Profile and Help.

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